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Hello, I'm Norris. I am President and co-owner of N H Horton Cleaning, Inc. with my wife, Faye Horton. We have 30+ years experience in household cleaning and janitorial services. Our expertise is shared with anyone who wishes to know how to CLEAN!

The Cleaning Cloth

So, you are getting ready to clean.  No matter what you have decided to clean today, you need the basic tool…cleaning cloth of some type.  Over the years, the type “rag” used for cleaning has evolved to a great level of sophistication.  No longer are you using the “rag” torn from hubby’s tee shirt or underwear.  No, you aren’t even using the rags taken from other clothing that may have been stained and is no longer wearable.  Believe it or not, you are using something that will make cleaning an easier process for you.  Let’s explore what’s new!

Micro-Fiber Cloth, Clean, Cleaning Rags, Make Clean

Microfiber is the key to cleaning essentials nowadays.  When the goal is not only to clean, but to control germs, microfiber cloths are essential.  Microfiber is polyester and nylon fibers constructed together at such finite levels that using these cloths increases the ability to remove dirt and germs.  These cloths have greater absorption and can be used dry in some cases for cleaning purposes.


Microfiber cleaning cloths are inexpensive considering you can get a variety of colors and sizes to be used for different cleaning tasks throughout your home.

Lime for bathroom clean up.  Orange for dusting.  Lilac for kitchen clean up. Blue for car washing and wet wiping.  Purple for bathroom cleanup.

Getting microfiber cloths for all cleaning purposes is both economical and simple.  Using different microfiber cloths will help prevent cross contamination. The University of California Davis Center study shows that microfiber is more effective in capturing bacteria than cotton.  Additionally, using microfiber cloths reduces the need for harsh chemical cleansers and the amount of water necessary for cleaning.

Fall Cleaning 101 – 9 Steps to Clean Living/Dining/Family Room

(Note:  There are affiliate links in this post.  If you click on the link and buy, I may receive money, just so you know.)

Fall Cleaning means cleaning the entire house.  We have gone through cleaning the bedroom and the bathroom.  The living/dining/TV/family room is where all the dirt meets, as these are the rooms where everyone “lives”.  If you are fortunate enough to still have a formal living room and dining room, whooooopeeeeee!  Now, how many times have you actually used those two rooms since last Thanksgiving.

Well, Fall Cleaning not only means getting all the rooms cleaned because it is fall, it means also getting them cleaned because Thanksgiving is coming again.  And, we are going to get through all the rooms before Thanksgiving.  Isn’t that refreshing to know?

Today let’s jump right in and tackle the “living area”.  Some of the basics are still the same.  Work from top Image result for picture of ceilingto bottom Image result for picture of baseboardsand inside to outside the room.  Here’s your quick checklist to get these areas cleaned today.

  • Dust ceilings and wall corners for cobwebs.
  • Dust and wash the ceiling fans, light fixtures and the light bulbs.  If you clean the globe of the light and leave the bulb dirty, it’s equivalent to having on a clean party dress with dirty underwear….ugggg–gross.
  • One more “top” item to consider.  Clean the air conditioning/heating vents.  Now that your top work is done, come down from the ladder and start to work on the bottom.
  • Dust and clean baseboards. This means pulling furniture from the wall to get to those baseboard areas that you normally wouldn’t touch.  Remember, all surfaces. This is Fall Cleaning.
  • Wipe down door frames and switch plates.
  • Starting to the right of your entry point or the left of your entry point, move around the entire room dusting, wiping and/or polishing all furniture.  This will depend on the type furniture you have.  Polish that nice mahogany piece, but, wipe the non-wood pieces using Pledge Multi-Use handy wipes .
  • Once you are sure all the hard furniture has been covered, top to bottom and all around (meaning the legs of furniture, sides and back as well), then move that furniture because this cleaning requires that the vacuuming and/or other floor care  be done UNDER the furniture.
  • Vacuum the upholstered furniture.  Dust and wipe the lamps, pictures, what nots, keepsakes, and other items on tables and furniture.
  • After vacuuming, if floors are not carpeted, mop or steam and you are done.

One more room to go before Thanksgiving.  The Kitchen will be next.  Until then, stay clean!

Bathroom Cleaning 101

Fall Cleaning 101

Yes, it’s the dreaded bathroom.  Sooner or later you have to do a deep cleaning (that’s funny, “deep” cleaning) in your bathroom.  So, you regularly wipe down the counter top.  If you are like me, you clean  the shower walls at least once/week.  Granted, you flush the commode every time you use it.  Once/week, you shake the throw rugs and mats, pick them up, sweep and mop the floor, right?  So, you ask, what else needs to be done—it’s just the bathroom.  This is not the room where you spend most of your time.

Surprisingly, the bathroom might be the most cluttered, disorganized, and non-disinfected area of the house.  The cleaning checklist for the bathroom will make your life easier, simpler and you get the bathroom clean, clean, clean—quickly, easily, and no back breaking issues.

What’s the first thing you would do for fall or “deep” cleaning?  Declutter.  Throw away those bottles with less than an ounce of shampoo, the newest shampoo you have works great.  Throw away all those expired medications and cosmetics that you will never use again. Organize the drawers, under the sinks and cabinets.

Now, let’s get to it.  The next thing I would do is remove the throw rugs. Shake them out and put them outside the bathroom so they are not in the way of getting wet.  My next step—sounds crazy – but you got to try it, is to vacuum, yes, vacuum the floor.  I use a special vacuum that has no brush roller, as it is for hard floors.  You can use the brush attachment on your regular vacuum, this will get into the corners and crevices of the floor.  Why am I vacuuming the floor first?  To get all the hair up before it gets wet.  Have you ever tried to remove hair from a wet area?  And, don’t let the hair be the color of the floor, you will not see it until it is too late.  I’ve used many vacuums and currently  the Shark Lift Away because of the versatility for hardwood and carpet. This vacuum lets you do many vacuum tasks saving time, energy and effort.  Just thought I would drop this in for you.

OK, now that you have the floor vacuumed.  Spray down the shower walls and glass doors, if you have them.  If you are using shower curtains, take them down, wash the curtain and the liner because you are doing Fall Cleaning 101 remember. Everything has to be touched.  Let the spray sit in the shower while you clean the toilet.

Did I mention you to will need several cloths for cleaning the bathroom?  You know, you would never clean the sink top with the rag you cleaned the toilet.  You would never clean the shower walls with the rag you used to clean the toilet, either.  There is a checklist available to you for the asking.  Just go to our Facebook page and sign up for the free checklist.  The bathroom checklist will include all the things you need to clean, along with the list of tasks.

No matter how large or small your bathroom, you will need to clean the tub/shower, shower walls, glass doors or shower curtains, sink(s), counter tops, toilet, and floors.  Once you are done with these you have a clean and fresh smelling bathroom.

Fall Cleaning 101

Yes, it’s that time.  Time for fall cleaning.  During my career days, my routine was to do deep, deep cleaning twice/year.  The fall cleaning was always done the first week of school.  As soon as the kids were off to school, I started to strip the house–room by room–to clean every surface.  The second cleaning of the year had to be completed BEFORE Easter, so varied in time depending on when the Easter holiday would come.

Over the years, I’ve learned some shortcuts.  Having a cleaning business and learning from other cleaning professionals has also helped me to clean better, easier and faster.  If that makes sense.  I’m going to share a checklist with you that will make your cleaning tasks thorough yet not take a long time to complete.

Let’s start with the bedroom.  Why, the bedroom?  Well, once you have tired yourself from cleaning, there will be nothing more refreshing than to get into your clean bed and smell the sweet aroma of a nice clean room.

Eventually, you will get through the entire house, however, you have to start somewhere.  If there are specific rooms you want to know about cleaning, just let me know.

Looking at “deep” cleaning the bedroom might seem overwhelming.  Let me assure you that you can get through it and have such a wonderful feeling when you’re done. You can actually get through “deep” cleaning the bedroom in a few hours.  OK, perhaps it will take a little longer than a professional cleaning service, but, you can get it all done.

You are going to do the easy parts first.  Those are the insides of all the drawers.  You see once everything is in place, organized in the drawers, your life will be so much easier.  This task you can do while watching your favorite TV program.  Dump everything from the drawers, one drawer at at time.  Start piles:  throw away/discard, give away, keep.  Only fold and place back those items in your keep pile.

Now that you have the drawers all organized, start on the bigger parts.  Believe it or not, I would suggest starting with the bed.  The mattress and box springs will need cleaning and sanitizing.  Get those out of the room so it’s easier to get the bed frame, headboard, and under the bed cleaned.

Whew! I’m getting exhausted just telling you about this, but, the checklist will make it easier for you.    This free checklist will take you through the dresser drawers, bed, ceilings and wall corners, window blinds and coverings, ceiling fans and light fixtures, lamps, pictures, furniture, wall hangings, baseboards,  and floors.  See, you’re done.  Get the checklist here and start when you are ready.


Inquiring Minds Want to Know?????

I really want to know what cleaning chores are a challenge to you?

  • Do you hate to clean the bathroom?
  • Does hair gather in the sink, in the shower, on the floor and you can’t seem to get rid of it?
  • Does the thought of vacuuming make your back hurt?
  • Can’t get rid of the streak in that mirror?
  • You just don’t have the time to clean, so which task should you do first?
  • Want to keep your kitchen appliances looking pristine?

Get your surprise EGift by sharing your most challenging cleaning tasks with me.  Thanks.

Your Dream Home

Many people dream of having mirrors and more mirrors in the master bathroom.  Whooooooopeeeee! Those mirrors usually span from one end of the counter top to the other and most often up to the ceiling.  So, what’s a person like me, who is vertically challenged suppose to do to clean that mirror?

Love the minimalist wooden storage + long width mirror (with storage behind it, presumably)

learn about this sink base, sink, materials at

Or, you get the dream of your life with double sink vanity and full mirror like this one shown in Pinterest. Find and save ideas about Small bathroom sinks

They are all beautiful, but, once again, not everyday but at some point you will have to clean beyond right above the faucet where your toothpaste splatters, right?  Here are some of the more sturdy step stools and ladders we have used to get to the top of these mirrors and other hard to reach places at home.

Rubbermaid has a 1 tier step stool that can be found here.

Then there is the 2 step steel folding stool found at Cosco and you can see it right here.

Now that you can reach the top of the mirror(s), what would you use to get the mirror shiny and streak free in a few easy steps.  Vinegar and water works well.  Others swear by ammonia and water.  Some will use commercial window cleaner.  There are some of us who will still use regular old windex.

Hope this helps to solve the problem of how to take care of one of your lifelong dreams!

It’s coming, it’s coming….latest book on cleaning.  Look for it soon.



Dusting vs. Polishing

So, hubby and I started a cleaning company again.  N H Horton Cleaning Inc is the name of our business.  You see, a few years back we had a cleaning company in CT which expanded to three locations, Florida, Virginia and CT.  So, why not revive the business in Florida and retest the climate for cleaning.  Well, now that home building has changed, materials have changed, demographics have changed, there are many things about cleaning that has changed as well.

In the cleaning world, the word dusting may be received, heard or interpreted in different ways.  Dusting can actually be wiping or brushing.  Dusting can be with a duster (there are many types available) or with a cloth.  Dusting can be done with or without polish.

Polishing is a step up from what is known traditionally as dusting.  Since the definition of polishing is to refine, when a piece of furniture is polished, it has been not only dusted but given that high finish gloss that comes when the dusting phase has been stepped up a notch.

Contrary to what I have done in the past, and, what you might think is correct, wood furniture should not be polished with furniture polish every time you dust.  So, what do I do now?  I use microfiber cloths to “dry” dust wood furniture in my home weekly.  Quick, easy, and doesn’t require much time.  About once a month, I use Pledge Lemon Clean Wipes.


These are pre-moistened and put just the right amount of “polish” on the surfaces so there is no build up.

What are you using for dusting and/or polishing?

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