The Cleaning Cloth

So, you are getting ready to clean.  No matter what you have decided to clean today, you need the basic tool…cleaning cloth of some type.  Over the years, the type “rag” used for cleaning has evolved to a great level of sophistication.  No longer are you using the “rag” torn from hubby’s tee shirt or underwear.  No, you aren’t even using the rags taken from other clothing that may have been stained and is no longer wearable.  Believe it or not, you are using something that will make cleaning an easier process for you.  Let’s explore what’s new!

Micro-Fiber Cloth, Clean, Cleaning Rags, Make Clean

Microfiber is the key to cleaning essentials nowadays.  When the goal is not only to clean, but to control germs, microfiber cloths are essential.  Microfiber is polyester and nylon fibers constructed together at such finite levels that using these cloths increases the ability to remove dirt and germs.  These cloths have greater absorption and can be used dry in some cases for cleaning purposes.


Microfiber cleaning cloths are inexpensive considering you can get a variety of colors and sizes to be used for different cleaning tasks throughout your home.

Lime for bathroom clean up.  Orange for dusting.  Lilac for kitchen clean up. Blue for car washing and wet wiping.  Purple for bathroom cleanup.

Getting microfiber cloths for all cleaning purposes is both economical and simple.  Using different microfiber cloths will help prevent cross contamination. The University of California Davis Center study shows that microfiber is more effective in capturing bacteria than cotton.  Additionally, using microfiber cloths reduces the need for harsh chemical cleansers and the amount of water necessary for cleaning.

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