Bathroom Cleaning 101

Fall Cleaning 101

Yes, it’s the dreaded bathroom.  Sooner or later you have to do a deep cleaning (that’s funny, “deep” cleaning) in your bathroom.  So, you regularly wipe down the counter top.  If you are like me, you clean  the shower walls at least once/week.  Granted, you flush the commode every time you use it.  Once/week, you shake the throw rugs and mats, pick them up, sweep and mop the floor, right?  So, you ask, what else needs to be done—it’s just the bathroom.  This is not the room where you spend most of your time.

Surprisingly, the bathroom might be the most cluttered, disorganized, and non-disinfected area of the house.  The cleaning checklist for the bathroom will make your life easier, simpler and you get the bathroom clean, clean, clean—quickly, easily, and no back breaking issues.

What’s the first thing you would do for fall or “deep” cleaning?  Declutter.  Throw away those bottles with less than an ounce of shampoo, the newest shampoo you have works great.  Throw away all those expired medications and cosmetics that you will never use again. Organize the drawers, under the sinks and cabinets.

Now, let’s get to it.  The next thing I would do is remove the throw rugs. Shake them out and put them outside the bathroom so they are not in the way of getting wet.  My next step—sounds crazy – but you got to try it, is to vacuum, yes, vacuum the floor.  I use a special vacuum that has no brush roller, as it is for hard floors.  You can use the brush attachment on your regular vacuum, this will get into the corners and crevices of the floor.  Why am I vacuuming the floor first?  To get all the hair up before it gets wet.  Have you ever tried to remove hair from a wet area?  And, don’t let the hair be the color of the floor, you will not see it until it is too late.  I’ve used many vacuums and currently  the Shark Lift Away because of the versatility for hardwood and carpet. This vacuum lets you do many vacuum tasks saving time, energy and effort.  Just thought I would drop this in for you.

OK, now that you have the floor vacuumed.  Spray down the shower walls and glass doors, if you have them.  If you are using shower curtains, take them down, wash the curtain and the liner because you are doing Fall Cleaning 101 remember. Everything has to be touched.  Let the spray sit in the shower while you clean the toilet.

Did I mention you to will need several cloths for cleaning the bathroom?  You know, you would never clean the sink top with the rag you cleaned the toilet.  You would never clean the shower walls with the rag you used to clean the toilet, either.  There is a checklist available to you for the asking.  Just go to our Facebook page and sign up for the free checklist.  The bathroom checklist will include all the things you need to clean, along with the list of tasks.

No matter how large or small your bathroom, you will need to clean the tub/shower, shower walls, glass doors or shower curtains, sink(s), counter tops, toilet, and floors.  Once you are done with these you have a clean and fresh smelling bathroom.

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