Fall Cleaning 101

Yes, it’s that time.  Time for fall cleaning.  During my career days, my routine was to do deep, deep cleaning twice/year.  The fall cleaning was always done the first week of school.  As soon as the kids were off to school, I started to strip the house–room by room–to clean every surface.  The second cleaning of the year had to be completed BEFORE Easter, so varied in time depending on when the Easter holiday would come.

Over the years, I’ve learned some shortcuts.  Having a cleaning business and learning from other cleaning professionals has also helped me to clean better, easier and faster.  If that makes sense.  I’m going to share a checklist with you that will make your cleaning tasks thorough yet not take a long time to complete.

Let’s start with the bedroom.  Why, the bedroom?  Well, once you have tired yourself from cleaning, there will be nothing more refreshing than to get into your clean bed and smell the sweet aroma of a nice clean room.

Eventually, you will get through the entire house, however, you have to start somewhere.  If there are specific rooms you want to know about cleaning, just let me know.

Looking at “deep” cleaning the bedroom might seem overwhelming.  Let me assure you that you can get through it and have such a wonderful feeling when you’re done. You can actually get through “deep” cleaning the bedroom in a few hours.  OK, perhaps it will take a little longer than a professional cleaning service, but, you can get it all done.

You are going to do the easy parts first.  Those are the insides of all the drawers.  You see once everything is in place, organized in the drawers, your life will be so much easier.  This task you can do while watching your favorite TV program.  Dump everything from the drawers, one drawer at at time.  Start piles:  throw away/discard, give away, keep.  Only fold and place back those items in your keep pile.

Now that you have the drawers all organized, start on the bigger parts.  Believe it or not, I would suggest starting with the bed.  The mattress and box springs will need cleaning and sanitizing.  Get those out of the room so it’s easier to get the bed frame, headboard, and under the bed cleaned.

Whew! I’m getting exhausted just telling you about this, but, the checklist will make it easier for you.    This free checklist will take you through the dresser drawers, bed, ceilings and wall corners, window blinds and coverings, ceiling fans and light fixtures, lamps, pictures, furniture, wall hangings, baseboards,  and floors.  See, you’re done.  Get the checklist here and start when you are ready.


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    1. Great idea. We will tackle bathrooms next. It is such a great feeling to walk into a nice clean smelling and fresh bathroom. No soap scum, no odors. Just bright and clean. Would you agree?

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