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Many people dream of having mirrors and more mirrors in the master bathroom.  Whooooooopeeeee! Those mirrors usually span from one end of the counter top to the other and most often up to the ceiling.  So, what’s a person like me, who is vertically challenged suppose to do to clean that mirror?

Love the minimalist wooden storage + long width mirror (with storage behind it, presumably)

learn about this sink base, sink, materials at

Or, you get the dream of your life with double sink vanity and full mirror like this one shown in Pinterest. Find and save ideas about Small bathroom sinks

They are all beautiful, but, once again, not everyday but at some point you will have to clean beyond right above the faucet where your toothpaste splatters, right?  Here are some of the more sturdy step stools and ladders we have used to get to the top of these mirrors and other hard to reach places at home.

Rubbermaid has a 1 tier step stool that can be found here.

Then there is the 2 step steel folding stool found at Cosco and you can see it right here.

Now that you can reach the top of the mirror(s), what would you use to get the mirror shiny and streak free in a few easy steps.  Vinegar and water works well.  Others swear by ammonia and water.  Some will use commercial window cleaner.  There are some of us who will still use regular old windex.

Hope this helps to solve the problem of how to take care of one of your lifelong dreams!

It’s coming, it’s coming….latest book on cleaning.  Look for it soon.



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