Dusting vs. Polishing

So, hubby and I started a cleaning company again.  N H Horton Cleaning Inc is the name of our business.  You see, a few years back we had a cleaning company in CT which expanded to three locations, Florida, Virginia and CT.  So, why not revive the business in Florida and retest the climate for cleaning.  Well, now that home building has changed, materials have changed, demographics have changed, there are many things about cleaning that has changed as well.

In the cleaning world, the word dusting may be received, heard or interpreted in different ways.  Dusting can actually be wiping or brushing.  Dusting can be with a duster (there are many types available) or with a cloth.  Dusting can be done with or without polish.

Polishing is a step up from what is known traditionally as dusting.  Since the definition of polishing is to refine, when a piece of furniture is polished, it has been not only dusted but given that high finish gloss that comes when the dusting phase has been stepped up a notch.

Contrary to what I have done in the past, and, what you might think is correct, wood furniture should not be polished with furniture polish every time you dust.  So, what do I do now?  I use microfiber cloths to “dry” dust wood furniture in my home weekly.  Quick, easy, and doesn’t require much time.  About once a month, I use Pledge Lemon Clean Wipes.


These are pre-moistened and put just the right amount of “polish” on the surfaces so there is no build up.

What are you using for dusting and/or polishing?

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